My approach has been honed over 15 years, working in experiential branding and events companies, design consultancies, advertising agencies and customer experience companies. Over this time I have developed a strategic approach that compliments my experience in brand design, print & graphic design, digital & online design and web development so that the work is highly relevant and engaging where it needs to be.

Barnaby Started out as a senior Multimedia designer with PricewaterhouseCoopers as the in-house designer working strongly with the brand. He then moved to the UK working with an experiential branding company preparing all the design work across print and digital preparing all the print and design collateral for branded events including brochures, invites, online micro sites and RSVP systems for companies such as Orange telecommunications, T-Mobile, London underground and Selfridges & Co. At this time he started and ran an online design competition site. On his return to Australia Barney worked with a small design studio working on branding and digital. From there he began in advertising working with multiple large ad agencies as a senior digital creative for brands such as Bakers Delight, Mazda, APIA, Mars, Nandos, Kmart, Snooze, Matel, SATC, Yaumba and Coopers.

In 2013 Barnaby made the decision to start his own agency as a move back into the design and branding work for which his passion lies. The result of that work is Mercury Agency, an agency with a focus on the customer experience and taking an approach founded in the digital world to multidisciplined design.

The brand is the experience

Wether by design or by default, they way a brand is presented in the market IS the customer experience. The experience and the brand are almost interchangeable. At mercury agency, we take the approach that every interaction, touchpoint or exposure with your business makes up your brand s when we talk about brand design, we aren’t just thinking about making you a pretty logo and sending you on your way. We want to work with you to design your brand experience with strategic rigour and defined intent.

Experience Design
The customer is always right

Experience design is an approach to interdisciplined design where the focus is not on the feasibility or viability of a solution, rather the desirability of a solution with your customers.It is an approach where the outcomes are driven by research and an in-depth understanding of how a desired message will reach a target customer. In identifying a specific customer, we can gain a better understanding of the way that they consume media and messages and therefore craft a message that will be hard to ignore within their world and cultural context.

New media is traditional media
Since the world wide web was born, Barnaby Scantlebury has been working with web and online technologies. As a senior digital practitioner in various agencies his experience was that digital media was always seen as separate from other media and often not included in the mix. Mercury Agency is media agnostic and takes the view that the right media is the media your customers are using. Our custom centric approach drives our design and recommendations for media channels.